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We pay close attention to every detail and treat all production requirements with rigorous attitude to meet the basic prerequisite of quality first.

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Basic Prerequisite of Quality First

King Sword Mfg. has more than 40 years of experience in plastic, aluminium and steel production. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities from designing, to developing, and production (injection, stamping, welding and tube bending), we are able to shorten product time to market meanwhile ensure top quality products. In response to customer needs, we use best practices and continue to improve process capabilities and provide manufacturing services.

We have also built a strong network of tooling shops which are able to oversee and control quality of the tools. In the meantime, any changes or issues are identified and amended quickly which in terms reduce the amount of time required from designing to first-shot test (T1).



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Plastic Injection

Injection machines range from 80 tons to 160 tons. Able to produce wide range of engineering materials such as PU, ABS, PP, PC , NYLON + GLASS FIBER. Electric Servo Motor Machine with our mechanical capability to ensure high quality PC/PMMA optical injection.


MIG / TIG Welding

Robotic Mig welding ensures consistent in producing  high quality products.TIG welding machine for stainless steel, aluminum and chromoly products.



Press forming machine ranges from 1 ton to 200 tons. The stamping process includes punching, bending and extending. Stamping products can include construction, ship, automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, kitchen utensil, and sanitary equipment.

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Tube Bending

Professional hydralic bending machine capable of bending steel with diameters ranging from 20mm to 60mm. Bending products can include construction, ship, automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle parts and components.

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